What is higlight.js used for?

Have you ever wondered why the development of user-friendly code editors sometimes require heavy plugin support? Has it ever crossed your mind to find a library that can make this process simpler? What is the significance of the Highlight.js library in code editor development?

The development of multi-purpose code editors is a process that can prove to be difficult for those that are unfamiliar with the coding process. As reported by Harvard Business Review, coding is becoming an increasingly important part of many organizations, making the implementation of simple and efficient coding tools all the more essential. Unfortunately, the many plugins and extensions that are typically required for their operation can contribute to a user-unfriendly experience. In order to address this problem, the Highlight.js library has been created.

In this article, you will learn what Highlight.js is, how it works, as well as explore its advantages and use-cases. We will examine cases of several major code editors such as VSCode and Sublime Text that have been improved significantly by using the library. We will also look at how business owners can benefit from integrating Highlight.js into their current platforms. Finally, we will close with a summary of the conclusions that we can draw after exploring the many uses of this library.

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What is higlight.js used for?


Highlight.js is a popular JavaScript library used to syntax highlight code snippets on a website. This library helps developers quickly communicate complex code syntax with readers by highlighting certain sections of code. By using highlight.js, developers can easily draw attention to important snippets on a page that might otherwise be overlooked or misunderstood. In addition, this library can also be modified to customize the syntax highlighting settings, including using different colors or highlighting more than one language.

Syntax highlighting is the process of separating sections of code into distinct categories based on their formatting and syntax. By highlighting the smaller parts of a larger code snippet, developers can show how the code is constructed and what logic is used for each line. This adds clarity to the code and allows a reader to quickly understand the structure and meaning behind it.

Highlight.js provides developers with plenty of options to customize the syntax-highlighting experience for their readers. By setting specific colors to certain sections of code, it’s easy to draw attention to certain elements of the snippet that need further explanation. The library can be modified to support multiple languages and the color settings can be adjusted to create a more visually-appealing syntax highlighting experience.

Highlight.js is a powerful tool for developers to break down complex sections of code into more digestible pieces for readers. By making the code easier to read and understand, developers can help readers quickly grasp the content and have a better understanding their own code. This JavaScript library is widely-used by developers to highlight code snippets and communicate their significance with readers.

Discovering the Benefits of Highlight.js

Discovering the Benefits of Highlight.js

Understanding What Highlight.js is Used For

Highlight.js is a syntax highlighter written in JavaScript. It’s used to create coloring for specific programming language keywords, as well as other elements of code. By adding this tool to websites, developers are able to create visual interests in their code, making it easier to read and understand. As Peter Drucker famously said, “The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.” The same idea applies to Highlight.js. By highlighting the code, it’s easier for the reader to quickly identify what matters, and saves them time and attention that would otherwise be spent deciphering the source of the code.

An Overview of Highlight.js

Highlight.js is open source software which is available as both a desktop and a web-based tool. The web-based version is available as a library, while the desktop version is a paid product. To use the library, developers must first define the language elements that will be highlighted. After the language elements are defined, developers can then use the library to apply custom colors and styles to their code. The library is designed to be easily customized and extensible in order to meet the needs of any project.

Key Features of Highlight.js

  • Easy to set up and configure
  • Works with multiple languages
  • Extensible architecture enables features such as custom colors and styles
  • Open source for desktop and library versions
  • Lightweight JavaScript library
  • Optimized for mobile devices

Development Opportunities with Highlight.js

Highlight.js is a powerful tool for developers looking to highlight their code. Its versatility and extensible architecture make it a great choice for those who need to customize their syntax highlighting. In addition, because it is open source, developers can take advantage of the community of developers who have contributed to the project and create their own customizations. Finally, as mobile devices become more popular, developers can take advantage of the tool’s lightweight JavaScript library and optimized design for mobile platforms.

Exploring the Pros & Cons of Using Highlight.js

Exploring the Pros & Cons of Using Highlight.js

What is Highlight.js?

Highlight.js is an open source syntax highlighting library, which enables developers to display source code snippets in different colors and fonts. According to its official website, Highlight.js is completely free, and is supported by over 80 languages and file extensions. To put it simply – it takes code written in one programming language, and makes it look different and attractive.

Why Do We Use Highlight.js?

The main reason why businesses and developers are increasingly turning to the Highlight.js library is to make source code easier to read and understand. Much like books are easier to read when they are broken up into distinct paragraphs and chapters; software code looks neater, more efficient, and clearer when it is divided into distinct sections. Highlight.js lets developers do exactly that – making their source code look distinguished from reading.

What are the Pros of Using Highlight.js?

Highlight.js makes source code look more stylish, efficient and easier to read. Making it easier to read allows for code to be maintained more efficiently and quickly fixed when an issue arises. Highlight.js is also incredibly easy to install and works with a wide range of languages. The library can be adjusted to fit whatever colors and fonts you want to use.

What are the Cons of Using Highlight.js?

Despite its benefits, the use of Highlight.js should be carefully considered by developers, as it can come with certain drawbacks. The most significant of which is the risk of compatibility problems with code written in different languages or platforms. Furthermore, large applications can be significantly slower when highlighted with this library. Its design and set-up can also be complex for new users.

Unveiling the Latest Developments in Highlight.js Technology

Unveiling the Latest Developments in Highlight.js Technology

What is the Purpose of Highlight.js?

When writing code, it is important to make sure everything is easily readable and interactive, and that is why there is the tool called Highlight.js. Developed by Ivan Sagalaev back in 2006, this tool is a syntax highlighter written in JavaScript and designed to be used easily within web services. By using the library, it can add color for more than 170 languages while adding HTML-specific and generic language markup. All these features make Highlight.js one of the optimal choices for writing and formatting interactive code snippets on different websites.

Benefits of Highlight.js

Highlight.js is a great choice for almost any web application because it is straightforward, fast and customizable. The size of the code is relatively small and optimized, and it also supports various scripting languages including Bash, PHP, JavaScript, C++, HTML and more. As the library is well-structured, it is simple to fill in the gaps and create modifications to suit a particular need. Furthermore, it works perfectly with any popular browser, and the developers recently integrated mobile support as well.

Drawbacks of Highlight.js

Although the library is quite simple and accessible for use, it may cause some issues for users due to the absence of easy-to-configure options. Moreover, when it comes to finding some necessary information with the help of the tool, it could be challenging, as there is no quick access to the guides or support page. These drawbacks might be a bit frustrating for some users as they are usually used to finding the answers to their questions quickly and without additional effort.

Is Highlight.js Worth Your Attention?

Considering the broad range of features and overall performance, it becomes clear that Highlight.js library is an excellent choice for experienced coders and novice users. Even though the configuration options might seem limited and the search for extra support not that easy, Highlight.js still remains one of the best syntax highlighting tools out there. In conclusion, it is definitely worth considering for writing and formatting code snippets on different websites.


Highlight.js is a robust, open-source syntax highlighting library for JavaScript that is used to highlight source code snippets in HTML documents. It is easy to use and efficient in its performance, allowing users to customize it to their needs with a few simple changes. The library provides a fast and straightforward syntax highlighting tool that is both powerful and simple to use.
Did you ever wonder how to make your syntax highlighting more vivid? Highlight.js is the answer. It is an incredible tool that makes any code snippet interesting to look at, with its aesthetically pleasing syntax highlighting. Moreover, it offers plenty of customization options, making it incredibly helpful for a wide range of developers.
All these features make highlight.js a must-have for any JavaScript developer. Not only does it have a high performance syntax highlighting tool, but it also boasts a customizable design that will suit any need. As if that weren’t enough, be sure to follow our blog for the latest and greatest releases of highlight.js! With the help of this amazing library, making your scripts look stunning is easier than ever.


Q1. What is Highlight.js?
A1. Highlight.js is a program that automates syntax highlighting of code for HTML websites and makes coding more accessible and convenient. It helps to identify code segments and language syntax. It works on any web page automatically and enables users to customize their coding experience. It provides more than 160 language supports and over 70 styles.
Q2. How does Highlight.js work?
A2. Highlight.js is an open-source javascript library with an API that allows websites to automatically detect the programming language and dynamically highlighting the relevant code sections. It also provides users with a customized tool for formatting source codes according to their language’s particular rules, helping to boost readability and comprehension.
Q3. What are the main features of Highlight.js?
A3. Some of the main features of Highlight.js include syntax highlighting for over 160 languages, support for many common web-based programming frameworks, multiple styles to choose from, and a customizable code highlighting experience. It also supports popular web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML.
Q4. How can Highlight.js be used?
A4. Highlight.js can be used to easily display code samples on webpages, easily identify errors in code, and enhance websites with colorful coding syntax highlighting. It can also be used to improve the readability of source code, like to format source code according to the language’s rules and uncover subtle inconsistencies in the code.
Q5. What type of websites benefit from using Highlight.js?
A5. Highlight.js can benefit any websites that uses programming languages or source codes. This could include website design and development, tech blogs, and other coding projects. It can be used for both personal website projects and those serving more advanced purposes, such as large businesses or companies.